About US

Inspection is the best way to know about your home-to-be!

But it can be stressing. Let us undertake the hard part, so you can concentrate on the rest.

When buying a house, “To Do list” is lengthy. We have been there, done that!! Let us help you with what we do best; explain to you about your new home from foundation to the roof and most things in between. And we shall give you a written report (with images) overnight (after a work day) that you can simply hand over to your attorney, complete with entire repair lists etc and you are ready to proceed. As simple as that.

Our company started as Engineering, lingered to Construction and finally to Inspection and of course management was a part of it, all along. Accutech is now a diversified inspection, construction management and Engineering consulting company in the central New Jersey and we cover about 100 miles radius of Edison, NJ.

I have bought and sold many homes in my life time and my first home was listed as needing “TLC” (Tender loving care), something that I did not know, what it really meant, at that time. There were no home inspections, back then. We have come a long way since then, and even the State has taken a note and has regulated the entire inspection scenario.

We inspect every home, as though we were buying it for our own use. We do almost all types of inspections, Single Family, Condo, Town home, High rise, Multifamily, Commercial, Radon, Termite, Indoor Air, Mold, Soil Scan for oil tanks, EIFS, and much more. We do not do swimming pools or septic.

I have inspected homes that were built 3 centuries ago, to brand new, under construction, and every thing in between. Small studios in a high rise to hundreds of multi-dwelling buildings and every thing in between. Do not take our word for it. Ask hundreds of satisfied clients we have, what do they have to say about our company?

Of course we do more than inspections, but we shall not accept any repair work on the properties we inspect (It is unethical and is a conflict of interest for us). Yeah, if it is any thing just inspection related, or just construction related or just engineering related, We are here for you. Of course We could impart our cross-trade knowledge to every project, task, inspection assigned to us.

Enough about us, now what can we do for you?