Litigation inspection is usually called for by one of the parties in dispute over construction defects, non performance, payment issues, workman-ship delinquencies, or code compliance related issues.

At Accutech, we shall diligently capture all issues for the party we represent, catalogue it, and present an analysis of the issues that can be put forward to the mediator, arbitrator, or to the court for very effective representation. We shall back up with relevant codes and current estimates for remediation / replacements of the issues.

We have been providing litigation support for the last 20 years to various owners, general contractors, sub contractors and law firms in the area. We handle construction delays, non compliance, non payment, defects in materials or workmanship etc.

Claims can be effectively handled when you have the facts documented by a neutral third party and the issues are indentified clearly and summarized with the party at fault etc.

Jay has over 45+ years of experience in engineering, construction and inspections.

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