We undertake work directly for Owners, contractors and or the law firms.

For small work (usually under $ 250,000.00) we can provide inspection, analysis report and estimates for correction etc, generally in 2 to 5 days turn around time for a lump sum fee ranging between $ 500.00 and $ 4,000.00. The reports are supported by appropriate code citations, digital pictures and or estimates from a third party national data base, where ever necessary.

For medium to large size claims, we support in numerous and varied capacities to clients and/or legal counsel in the management, organization, technical analyses, claims analyses, and other related claim processes.

We assist legal counsels with explanations and insight into complex technical construction issues and industry standard practices to develop a through understanding which enables counsel to enhance their preparation and presentation of claim issues.

  • Preliminary Assessment
  • Project Records
  • Discovery
  • Document Management
  • Project Cost Variance
  • Schedule Analysis
  • Windows Analysis (Time Impact - Contemporaneous Period)
  • As-Built But for (Collapsed As-Built)
  • Impacted As-Planned
  • As-Planned v. As-Built

    Damage Calculations

  • Damages will typically include one or more of the following types of calculations
  • Equitable Contract Adjustment Estimate
  • Specific Compensable Actual Damage Costs
  • Change Order Estimate / Audit
  • Delta Estimates
  • A/B Estimates
  • Reasonableness of Estimate/Bid
  • Productivity Analysis: Measured Mile, Acceleration, Overtime, Change Orders, Trade Stacking, Unusual Weather Conditions
  • Extended General Conditions
  • Liquidated Damages
  • Modified Total Costs
  • Reasonable Estimate of Cost basis for Jury Verdict consideration
  • Total Cost Method

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