Accutech has decades of experience as a general contractor, construction manager and design builder. We are here to help you and your business grow. Our team of expert consultants will tailor services to your individual needs which may include design support, preliminary budgeting, resource, and logistics planning.

Accutech is committed to building long term relationships with satisfied customers by providing reliable service and quality solutions, focusing on the details and expectations of our customers' construction needs. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your next project!


For small projects like additions we provide only the essential services for a fixed fee, which really help out the home owner in the areas that he/she needs handholding.

New Home or Major additions Construction Services:

Home Design and Plan Development:

Accutech will evaluate your house plans or Refer you to a custom home design plan service, an architect, house plan resources, and/or an engineer

Meet with you to review plans

Evaluate proposed plan designs for building cost analysis

Evaluate plans from a design standpoint

Evaluate stock plans for suitability to your geographic location.

Evaluate Property:

1. Site visit by an Accutech to your property

2. Accutech to provide a written site report to you addressing:

a. Site analysis of elevation and flood issues, soil conditions (may require other professional service), clearing, excavation, and fill issues

b. Review of site utilities—sewer, septic, water, electric, gas, and cable

c. Recommendations for building positioning

3. Review of deed restrictions, easements, and setbacks

4. Assess potential permitting problems

5. Address items that may affect resale or future use of property

6. Assess development costs and property feasibility

Feasibility and Estimated Cost Analysis:

1. Review preliminary land feasibility, soft costs, and development costs

2. Provide you with a preliminary cost estimate based upon your general specifications

3. Provide list of banks and mortgage companies that offer owner-builder financing to Accutech clients

4. Determine all custom building specifications and components for all phases of construction

5. Accutech will recommend items as appropriate to the budget as well as to your specifications, desires, and feasibility

6. Provide you with written Accutech construction specifications, customized to the plan design selected

7. Consultant will provide bid specification packages to subcontractors and suppliers for bidding purposes

Pricing and Costing:

1. Accutech will distribute bid packages to our system subcontractors and material suppliers, thereby providing you with maximum purchasing power

2. We find you the subcontractors that are pre-qualified and performance-tested, as well as licensed and insured

3. You may select décor and discretionary items such as cabinets, countertops, plumbing and lighting fixtures, flooring, etc. from our pre-approved vendors or from outside vendors

Construction Budget Package:

1. Accutech will provide you a written budget that provides you the greatest value possible, consistent with your desires

2. Final budget meeting with the owner to evaluate all costs, including alternates or options

3. ACCUTECH will provide the complete budget for your lender


Meeting #1 –Clarify roles and responsibilities of the building process and the construction team; review building permits, financing arrangements, financing paperwork, changes or alternations to blueprints, budget changes, any architectural reviews, and property surveying issues.

Meeting #2 –Review the sequence of construction; review budget items; review contact lists; discuss phone service; establish start date of site work, foundation, and framing; establish and review Stage I construction time line.

Meeting #3 –Finalize construction start date; clarify roles and responsibilities again; determine any special requirements; review change order procedures; and schedule subcontractors for clearing, excavation, foundation, and framing.

Meeting #4 –Evaluate construction of Stage I; review Stage II construction calendar, budget issues, building department inspections, plumbing fixtures, especially faucets, tubs and showers, fireplace installation, and other upcoming construction items

Meeting #5 –Evaluate construction of Stage II; review Stage III construction calendar, budget issues; make final vendor selections; and discuss upcoming building inspections. Review move-in items, special item orders, and final subcontractor trades

Education encompassing the home construction process:

1. Types of construction

2. Advantages and disadvantages of various aspects of construction

3. Cost consequences of various aspects of construction

4. Sequence of construction

5. Building inspections

6. Change orders

7. Layout the time line for decision-making regarding décor items

8. Access to Accutech’s construction library of product literature, material samples, how-to books, and/or CDs and videotapes

Construction Management and Supervision by Accutech:

1. Accutech will handle all management and supervision:

2. Scheduling subcontractors for all phases of construction

3. Scheduling, receiving, and verifying material deliveries

4. Ordering inspections as necessary

5. Ordering surveys as necessary

6. Coordinating ongoing work, subcontractors, and suppliers

7. Follow up on completed work

Accutech supervises all phases of construction, including, but not limited to, the following:

1. Clearing and other site work

2. Excavation and fill

3. Check for all seismic and hurricane engineered components as specified

4. Footings and inspection

5. Foundation and inspection

6. Slab and inspection, including plumbing in slab

7. Framing—start; review window and door rough openings

8. Framing and first floor inspection

9. Framing, sheathing, and strapping inspection

10. Siding and exterior trim, decks, stairs, railings

11. Plumbing rough-in and inspection

12. HVAC rough-in and inspection

13. Electrical rough-in and inspection

14. Framing; post rough-in inspection

15. Insulation and inspection

16. Drywall installation

17. Drywall taping and finishing

18. Carpentry and interior trim work

19. Painting

20. Exterior concrete, walks, driveways, etc.

21. Flooring: wood, carpet, tile, vinyl

22. HVAC trim-out

23. Plumbing and electrical trim-out

24. Install appliances

25. Certificate of Occupancy items

Medium Size Projects:

•General Management

We provide full service general contraction services includeding estimating, bidding, contracting with owners, suppliers and subcontractors, running project meetings, construction and administrative coordination with all parties, field supervision, construction and vendor scheduling, interface with permitting entities, project closeouts.

• Design-Build

This is a project delivery method where the architect and contractor wear the same hat and develop the project together. This entity works with an owner to achieve all project goals in the most time efficient and cost effective manner possible. The traditional approach is design-bid-build. A project is designed and bid by a contractor and if there are project cost overruns, the design is revised and the project is re-bid.

• Pre-Construction

Projects run smoother and are better planned when we are brought in at the beginning of the design phase. We can assist in the following ways: spot demolition for accurate design research, construction phasing, schedule impacts, cost budgeting, construction methodology, sequencing, constructability and up front value engineering.

• Building Analysis

We can put a team of experts together to assess the quality of a building. This team can also determine a budget cost of repairs. Analysis not limited to the engineering systems in a building; it might also include ADA accessibility, structural systems and energy efficiency studies.

• Construction Management

Every construction project we do includes construction management. If you already have an architect and contractor but know you need an entity to represent your interests in the construction process, we provide all appropriate construction documents and construction methodology to construct projects appropriately.

• Scheduling

We provide construction scheduling, phasing and sequencing. Our schedules identify all parts of the construction process including: long lead items, activity durations, start and finish dates for tasks and short and long project durations.

• Valve Engineering

Often, when a project is over budget, we can evaluate the individual parts and recommend different approaches to achieve similar goals at a reduced cost.

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