We are NJ State licensed independent home inspectors and undertake pre-purchase home inspections for all types of homes in North & Central New Jersey (about 65 mile radius of Edison). Please put our structure technology expertise to work for you when looking for your next home. Our services provide peace of mind and potentially could save hassles on one of the largest investments. We do not undertake any repairs as a result of any finding in our inspections yet our detailed inspection report will let you make an informed decision.

With our inspection, and report, you will learn as much as you can about the condition of the property and the repairs needed. We can also provide repairs costs for small extra fees, or a layout plan if needed.

For first time or novice buyers our inspectors shall provide you with those extra explanations wherever needed to insure that you comprehend the issues on hand.

Our life time email support assures you of hand holding for ever and the 100% money back guarantee is your assurance of a thorough inspection. Although bulk of our referral comes from our customers, yet we have been referred by attorneys and realtors alike who have used us for their own purchases and have been very satisfied.

We cover entire NJ State protocols:

  • Lot, Grading, Vegetation cover
  • Garages and detached buildings, apertures, ancillaries, and screen houses etc
  • Exterior Claddings (Siding), soffits, eves etc
  • Roofs, Water shedding management, Attic systems
  • Interior (Carpentry, Staircases, Doors, Windows, interior floor wall and ceiling coverings)
  • Kitchen & Baths, counters, cabinetry, appliances and fixtures etc
  • Plumbing, main service, fixtures, hose bibs, water heaters etc
  • Electrical, Service Cables, Service Panels, branch circuits, appliances etc
  • Heating, A/C and delivery systems
  • Insulation vapor barriers & Ventilation
  • Fireplaces, Wood burning Stoves and Chimneys etc
  • Safety, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors etc
  • Miscellaneous issues

We advise you of the expected life of the major components, major visual defects, safety issues, budgeting for old components, maintenance required etc.