Inspect the Inspector before you hire him!!

There are about 800 licensed home inspectors practicing in NJ and you see from the State website, how long have they been licensed. The license numbers start at 101 and go to more than 1200. About 80% of the inspectors do not last beyond 5 years. The main reason is that majority of them get sued, when missed something they do not do thorough inspection and miss something. Subsequently the insurance carrier raises the premium prohibitively that existing the industry is the only way out. License numbers starting at about 700 and higher have been licensed for less than five years. Accutech has stood the test of time; ever since the licenses were first issued in New Jersey (And 12 years prior). We have undertaken more than 12,000 inspections since 1988 without a single lawsuit that resulted in any points against us. Our competitors site their combines experiencing in other industries like construction etc.

Jay Chopra is the master inspector, and is also a marine mechanical Engineer (1963 Batch), expert witness and arbitrator. We are the ones who live and breathe marketing and sales every day. We know how to make your business grow and we are here to help you do just that.

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