Quality Home Inspections

Our company provides quality and prompt professional home inspections by NJ inspectors who are licensed by the New Jersey State Board of the Home inspectors. We have been in the home inspection business under the same name and the same ownership since 1986. We have conducted over 16,000 inspections so far on various different types of structures. Inspecting structures is second nature to us.

Home inspection, is a service that helps to give you a clear understanding of the general condition of the home, before you make an expensive purchase. It also helps to identify implicit / undetected problems in the home.

There are numerous aspects that an inspector can examine during an inspection. The professional inspectors at our company have many years of experience and have been trained to inspect homes and commercial buildings.

At the end of it all, what you are buying, is the written report of the inspection, experience of the inspector and time spent by him, on writing the custom report. On average our reports take 4 to 5 hours to create, for every hour that we spend in the field gathering data. It is the most critical aspect of the entire inspection process. We invited you to peruse our inspection reports before ordering an inspection. Detailed advise is offered for any defects found on site. No automation or software has been able to mimic the human brain for such work, so far. That is not to say that we do not use modern equipment. We so have state of the art telescopic cameras that enlarge to 400%, recording equipment that expedite the inspection process besides the electrical detection and testing equipment, High powered flashlights, ladders etc We use state of the art report compiling software.

Our inspectors have years of construction industry experience and so it is easy for them to unearth major construction issues on the home structure and property etc that you are about to inspect.

Twenty, out of Twenty top major re-modelers in New Jersey use us 100% of the time for before and after build conditions. Our home inspectors have been awarded at several industry events. We also offer estimates for construction and remodel repairs etc to contractors, besides an in house architectural drafting services. Our sister company also rehabs properties.

Invite us in, to see how we can provide you the satisfaction of the major purchase that you are about to make. We are `first time buyer` friendly people, by answering all your concerns by holding your hand throughout the process. Single parents have been very happy with our services in explaining on how the home functions, be it thermostats, HVAC filters, water valves and various maintenance tips.

80% of the home inspectors are out of the business after 6 years of practice, because of the law-suites that makes it cost inhibit due to the increase in insurance premiums due the verdicts against them. We have no such lost lawsuits against us ever and that is because of the thoroughness of our work, which is good for us and our clients. All our work is through referrals from our past clients, attorneys etc. We do not employ any pushy sales persons going around realty offices with fancy incentives. We were voted as among the top 5% home inspectors nation wide by Thumbtack for 3 years in the running.

Our website, the social media outlets are our only marketing efforts and our past clients act are our ambassadors.

On most inspections we send two inspectors which will expedite gathering the inspection findings and make it double check on all items with double cameras in place.

Types Of Buildings

We inspect, Condos, Town homes, Single family homes, Multiple family homes, Mobile home inspection, High rises, Industrial and commercial buildings, Shopping centers, Restaurants, Gas stations, Industrial Rack inspections, Flat roof leaks inspection etc. We also do new home construction pre-drywall and other inspections as needed during the construction process. Single components like foundations, roofs, decks, Bilco doors or pools are inspected and or single defects like cracked foundations or surfaces, leaks in roof, flooding, Appliances, HVAC (Rooftop or on ground) are also inspected.

Exact Defect Recognition

We will provide you with exact defect recognition on Foundation cracks, Water leaks, Condensation issues, Building settlements, Aluminium wiring, Knob and tube wiring, Flooding issues, Water migration, Efflorescence, Concrete erosion, Soil erosion, issues that can be major and expensive latent issues. Besides this, we can also provide any design deficiencies or antiquated anomalies of the structures. We crawl through every crawl space and attics for thorough and detailed inspection. No nook and cranny is uncovered. We shall inspect fire charred lumber.

Component Life Expectancy

Our reports contain used life and the expected balance life on roofs, mechanical equipment and other components of the properties, so you can budget for large ticket items on the home.

Home Inspection Services Starting At Just $299.00

Accutech Home Inspection service is an affordable home inspection company that provides comprehensive service at truly competitive rates without cutting into the quality of our work.

Nationwide the home inspection fees average between $350 - $750. We offer the best value price for a home inspection and do not any charge for the other extras, being levied in the industry, which is substantially lower than our competition.

With our online scheduling calculator, you can find out the exact rate for your home inspection before reserving. We offer low prices, flexible availability, and an accessible location. We go out during snow storms, when many other home inspectors hesitate or charge extra for such weather conditions.

We send out the Pre-Inspection agreement by email before every inspection for you to peruse before us arriving for the inspection. It contains NJ state requirements in PDF format, for every home inspection in the state and we comply with it 100%. .

For out of town buyers we can arrange Zoom videos and or a web conference while we inspect. All precautions are taken during COVID-19 emergency and offer clean overall before entering any sensitive structures if needed. We are pet friendly, although we would prefer that the pets be assigned a designated area.

Get The Best Weekend Home Inspection Appointment

At Accutech Home inspection Services, we offer the weekend home inspection at no additional cost. This provides a way for you to book your home inspection on time and without the stress of scheduling around your busy schedule during the week days. Late evening inspection time is also available, provided we can see the exterior in the natural light. For interiors have high powered flash lights.

We've licensed inspectors in our company, who'll go through all aspects of your property meticulously and answer any questions you might have during the inspection process. We cover the Lot, Grounds, Grading, Trees, Vegetation, Mulch issues, Termite issues, Foundations, Structures, Driveways, Walk ways, Basements, Crawl spaces, Walls, Windows, Doors, Garage doors safety checks for children and pets etc, Roofs, Skylights, Gutters and Leaders, Flashings Siding, Decks, Porches, Garages, Kitchens, Bath rooms, Flooring, Floor coverings, Walls and ceilings, Staircases, Hand and guard rails, Child proof safety compliance, Bedrooms, Egress issue etc, Leaded and shatter proof glass etc, All electric, Main Cables, SEC, Main panels, Auxiliary sub panels, Branch circuits, Lights, Switches and Receptacles, Ceiling fans, Smoke detectors, Carbon monoxide detectors, Kitchen Appliances, Water meters, Hot water tanks, HVAC, Boilers, Distribution systems, Water pipes, DWV drainage systems, Attics, insulation and ventilation, Fireplaces, Flue pipes, Chimneys, Washer and dryers.

Clean And Easy-To-Follow Custom Home Inspection Reports

All Home Inspection detailed reports are provided within 3 days, as a PDF format so that it can be read on any device, by your Realtor and Attorneys. Reports contain detailed images of the defects so the contractors can see what needs to be addressed.

On Site Sewer Septic Tabk Test Scans

Optionally and additionally we offer sewer scans, if desired for older homes that have cast iron or steel pipes that are prone to clogging due to internal rusting.

Indoor Air Quality And Mold Testing

Mold can be detrimental to your family`s health. We are equipped to test air quality and can take lift surface samples to send to the lab for chemical analysis. The lab results are very detailed and show you what remediation are needed, if any.

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos fibers from the insulation laggings and other components on the property can impair your lungs etc. We can take samples for testing by the labs for proof positive of the presence of any asbestos in your home components.

New Home 11 Month Builder Warranty Punch List Service

New home 11 month builder warranty punch list service is offered with written reports and images etc. For easy corrections.

WDI Wood Destroying Inspect Inspections

We check for any presence of Wood destroying inspects and their impact on the structural integrity of the buildings. We offer the reports as per NMPA that are needed by the banks and financial institutions for mortgages etc.

Radon Testing

Our inspectors are fully licensed to undertake the presence of Radon gas if any, at the property, before you buy that property. We can undertake charcoal can testing for an additional fee of only $75.00 with the home inspection at the same time. Quick turn around Radon reports are also offered.

Underground Oil Tank Soil Scan

We can scan the soil of the property with the electronic equipment for any possible underground oil tank of abandoned oil tank that can be leaking and can be major environment disasters. Soil scan for underground oil tanks with the home inspection is only $175.00 additional fees.

Plainfield Hvac Boiler Heating Certificate For The City Certificate Of Occupancy

We inspect HVAC equipment, Boilers for certificate of occupancy in the City of Plainfield, NJ and several other cities in NJ. The fees starts at $99.00

Chimney Fireplace Masonry Flue Pipe - Level 2 Camera Inspections

We inspect fireplace dampers and broken flue pipes by video and images from top and from hearth levels.

Well Water Test

We can take well water samples for tests by the the local New Jersey labs for water quality. Well water needs to be in satisfactory condition for satisfactory potability and the good health of the family.

On Site Septic System

We offer an on-site septic check of the private septic systems with a camera system and issue you a detailed report, of the holding tanks and laterals. Emptying of the tanks can be arranged by the pumping companies. Our fee is $399.00 and above depending upon the size and age etc

No Conflict Of Financial Interests

No conflict of financial interest guarantee with any other actor in the process is offered, to all our clients. We do not undertake any repairs on any of our homes inspected nor do we refer it to any one. So it is perfectly clear of any double interests.

Full Satisfaction

If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the inspection, or the report simply write to us and we'll either make it right or refund your money.

Easy to Schedule

Our online scheduler is available 24/7 and takes about two minutes to set up an appointment. We inspect from 7 AM to 7 PM 365 days, from about 60 miles radius, one hours drive from Edison, NJ in all counties, and cities North, Central and South New Jersey.

Exact Reports

We're capable of quickly inducing reports and can give you a variety of formats. We can offer Roof only, or any other components for insurance loss etc.

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